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Danish is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, especially because the Danish sounds are difficult to master. Difficulties with Danish pronunciation can be a great nuisance for the individual and an overriding obstacle on a daily basis.

In this language course, we will help you get the pronunciation just right and the confidence you need to use the Danish language in everyday life.

Why is pronunciation training important?

The Danish pronunciation is known to be one of the most difficult to master and understand. Many newcomers find that pronunciation is the biggest problem when it comes to learning Danish.

In traditional Danish language courses, time is needed for all parts of language learning, including grammar, sentence construction, conversation exercises, etc. Therefore, there is ultimately little time for pure pronunciation training. Difficulty with Danish pronunciation is much more of a hindrance than incorrect Danish grammar. If you frequently find that others cannot understand what you are saying, you may become so unsure of your own Danish pronunciation that you are afraid to express yourself in Danish.

In Danish pronunciation training, we break down the barriers and ensure that you can pronounce Danish words with confidence.

Learn Danish pronunciation: target group

Our pronunciation training course is for you who want to improve your Danish pronunciation and ensure that you are understood when you speak Danish – both in private and professionally.

It may be that a clearer and more perfect Danish pronunciation can help to create authority and credibility with your employees. Or perhaps improved pronunciation can help you be better understood by colleagues or business partners. You may also want to be able to engage effortlessly in social contexts in English, among friends and family. A course in Danish pronunciation can help you with all this.

We focus on the most common challenges, but always work from your current language level to ensure you get the most out of the course.

The course is suitable for all language levels.

Purpose of the course

  • To strengthen the participant’s oral Danish through speech training and expansion of active vocabulary
  • To give the participant confidence and security in the language with a focus on pronunciation training
  • To significantly improve the student’s pronunciation

Course content

Danish is spoken on the course and work is done to improve the student’s pronunciation. We work with the language melody, rhythm and stress. With focus on special sounds that can cause problems.

The course takes place as a one-to-one training either at your workplace, at one of our locations or online via Microsoft Teams.

Course length

The course is tailor-made and individually adapted to each person in terms of. wants and needs. The course lasts between 10 – 60 hours (each 60 minutes) depending on the starting point. Before the course starts, we therefore offer a start-up meeting with a trainer for an assessment of the starting level and course length.

The courses are held at IBL Sprogservice, at your workplace throughout Denmark or online if it suits you better.

  • VEJLE Skomagervej 3B – 7100 Vejle
  • KØBENHAVN Raffinaderivej 8, Building B, 1st floor, 2300 Copenhagen S
  • ODENSE Kochsgade 31D, 5000 Odense


Contact us for a tailor-made course and a no-obligation start-up meeting.

Get better at Danish pronunciation: contact us to learn more

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