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Language course Business


Good language skills are highly sought-after and can be an important factor if you want to work and compete in both the Danish and international labour markets. Well-functioning communication with customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners around the world is the linchpin of all companies’ international activities and interests.

Some positions require you to speak a foreign language at a high level. Many large Danish companies now use English as their internal working language, which places high demands on good language skills, and it can certainly slow down your career if your language skills are not good enough.

At IBL Sprogservice, we have made intensive language training in all languages for professionals and private individuals our core service. Both small and large companies have chosen us as their regular business partner over a long period of years.

We have a wide range of courses in all languages and at all levels, and work with great flexibility in terms of when and how often you want to have lessons. We adapt it to your schedule in a busy weekday.

Do you need a quick and short brush-up, help to express yourself correctly in an e-mail, to speak effortlessly with colleagues or customers in a foreign language? Whatever your language challenge, we’re here to help.

We offer a free, no-obligation online trial lesson with a language tutor, where you have the opportunity to assess whether the course meets your needs.

IBL has been around for more than 25 years and has had more than 30,000 students through an intensive language course in many languages, including.

EnglishGermanDanish as a second languageSwedishRussianFrenchSpanishItalianChineseJapaneseRomanianPolishArabicPortugueseBrazilianIndianHungarianKoreanTurkishSerbo-CroatianThai.

Contact us today to discuss your wishes and expectations.


One-to-one teaching is the most effective and flexible teaching
we offer. The teaching is based on your current level and is tailored to the course content, which you help to determine. YOU decide the time and place – when it suits your calendar, at your place of business or at our premises?

For optimal results, it is important to use the language actively. With one-to-one tuition, there is no need to consider others or share “speaking time” – here the focus is 100% on your wishes and needs.

To make sure we meet your expectations for the course, we start by meeting you online with one of our trainers. Here we assess your prior knowledge and wishes for the course, so that we can adapt and tailor the course to YOU.

GROUP TEACHING at IBL is teaching in small groups of 2-6 participants. This is very popular and effective, especially in larger companies with many employees. By limiting the number of participants to max. With 6 people in the group, there is still room for everyone to be heard and have their “say”. However, it is to be expected that a few more hours will be needed, precisely because the “speaking time” is shared.

We ensure that all participants in the group are at approximately the same language level when the course starts. In addition, we also recommend that expectations are aligned in the group in relation to course content, to ensure that everyone achieves their goal.

Class times and locations will often be fixed, as group classes have to take into account the other participants and several calendars have to be coordinated. The teaching can of course always be changed if this is desired by the whole group.

The advantages of group teaching are that you have the opportunity for dialogue and sparring with the other participants. Another bonus is that the course fee for group tuition can be shared, making the cost per participant cheaper.


Is at the forefront with individually tailored course content, whether oral or written.
We are a 100% dedicated training company, we have taught more than 30.000 students and their
good recommendations speak for themselves.